connect UK US /kəˈnekt/ verb
[I or T] to join two or more pieces of equipment together, or to be joined in this way: »

Wireless networks allow you to connect two or more PCs within your own home.

connect to sth »

The cable connects to a USB slot.

connect sth to/with sth »

Once the drives are installed, connect power and data cables to each one.

be connected (to sth) »

The red light shows that the electricity supply is connected.

[T] to join two places: »

a high-speed rail corridor connecting the major European cities

connect sth to/with sth »

The Midtown tunnel connects Long Island to Manhattan.

[I or T] to create a relationship between two or more people, groups, or things: »

Internet searches are an important tool for connecting buyers and sellers.


Successful marketing is all about connecting with your customers, and building good relationships.

connect sb/sth to sb/sth »

Our aim is to connect our members to a global network of business and industry peers.

[I or T] COMMUNICATIONS, IT, INTERNET to use a computer, phone, etc. in order to use the internet or other computer system: »

Anti-virus software is a must if your computer is connected to the internet.

connect sth to sth »

More and more employees are connecting smartphones to their employers' network.

connect sb/sth with sb/sth »

an intranet system connecting dealers worldwide with a central database

get/stay connected »

Many executives feel a pressure to stay connected outside normal working hours.

[T] to consider or see a relationship between one person or thing and another: »

He had a problem connecting what he had learned on the course with the day-to-day running of the department.

[T] COMMUNICATIONS to allow someone who has made a phone call to speak to another person or to use a telephone service: »

One moment please, I'll try to connect you.

connect sb to sb/sth »

BT has raised the price of connecting callers to its directory enquiry service.

[I] TRANSPORT if two public transport vehicles connect, they arrive at suitable times to allow passengers to get off one and onto another in order to continue their journey: connect with sth »

Your flight arrives at ten o'clock and will connect with a bus service to the conference centre.

a connecting flight/train, etc. — Cf. a connecting train
connect the dots — Cf. connect the dots

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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